A Fairy’s Swansong (Part 1)



Like a swan about to sing its song

The water is calm

Leaves fall down

But they, blind and deaf, on the ground

Can’t feel the waves.


Just like a swan that thought it was fox

Suddenly your fur is wet, and you don’t know what’s beneath your feet.


Murky waters.


You actually know what’s beneath.

You’re at the bottom

And you can’t breathe.


Sad and lost, seldom soaring, instead endlessly swimming

How can anyone know when the song’s going to end?

No one’s tapping their feet

No head’s spinning

Because you’re the only swan on the water

You just fell like the leaf.


Listen more closely, maybe

You’ll hear something

Or it’ll just be yourself again.


You can’t be a fox and a bird

You can’t float on the ground

Nor walk on the water.


But you can drown

Or sing a song

Just a last one.



Fingers longing to touch the moonlight

They can’t hear your cries at night

Can’t hear you scream for help in the dark

But they can listen to your whispers

That tell untold stories you fight so hard to hide.




The fingers, people just care about what they write

No one feels them touching your skin

Constantly scratching your neck and crushing your candid core.


When all they want to do is pick cherries.

But is that juice on your hand?

Is it what makes your skin red?

And they’re cold

Like the stories unread.


They could have picked fruit

When you were brain-dead

That fucked up brain that makes a mess and then,

Tells you that it’s just a cherry you ate

Tells you it will wash off

Shows you a color no fruit is made of.


Are you losing it too?

Are you sure what to believe

When your fingers are blue?


Your skin is rough

Your blood can burn a thousand souls

And each drop from your scars

Falling on this warm evening

Will blow up the next morning

When you wake up wishing

You were that tree burning on a summer night.


But you’re also water and life

Hungry soul hovering high above this horrific sight

You will rise from the ashes

Warmth destroys you and can give you life

Maybe you should be this tree burning on this summer night.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

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