A Fairy’s Swansong (Part 2)


A green room.


You’re amazing

Always on an adventure to alleviate a pain no longer attacking

You’re standing there

In a green room with too much air to breathe.


A shiny doorknob that opens to a world you created

With friends from a beam of sunlight through your hand

And you’re dancing in rhythm to a music only you can hear.


The vast ocean whose waves hit the against the window

You water some flowers drop by drop

Making sure it won’t overflow.


But what if you slip and it grows way too high?

What if the small dandelion becomes a tree reaching the angry sky?

You’d have to burn again

And you’d try to kill the blaze

With all the water you can find.


But don’t look at the window

There’s an other shiny doorknob untouched

You don’t know where to go

But have you ever felt the cold metal on your hand?

What if on the other side there are people that care?


And here you’re in this world you built for yourself

Where maybe it’s not good for you

Getting used to having so much air.


From your hands the lightning

Runs through your whole body

Today floating inside the storm

You love being struck by disaster.


It seems like you’ve found happiness

In the dimming of light

In the brightness of the night

Warmth in the bitter cold

Order in chaos

A sweet psychosis.


Rain on your taste buds

Enjoy the cruelty of the world

Dried wine on your lips

Love the light liquor of the loneliness you hurled.

Today you drown yourself in a sea of chaos

To feel the current whisk you away

The fresher air feel your lungs

And you feast on your own bullshit.


Doesn’t it taste so sweet?

It will all go wrong and you love it

You feel alive like there’s no defeat.


A human being that found happiness

Within a sweet psychosis

It does sound perfect

Almost too extreme, don’t you think?


A droplet in a glass.


Pixie dust that makes you fly away.


Once and it is such a blast

The colorful landscape on this getaway.


Twice and you share the colors

You don’t care if the world ends

Now you have tasted all its flavors.


And a third one hidden under the sink

You have your own dreams

No worries it won’t play the trick

It lifts you to your own cloud with its magic beams.


A brooke flowing down to the river.


And every week you wait for the moment when

You’ll feed the seed on the palm of your hand

A flower grows inside your head

Makes your mind murder the many monsters, for a moment it might.


Every night you see in red,

In white or pink and you fall on your bed.


Every heartbeat.


The candy makes its sound soft

Until you’re tired of hearing it on repeat.


A downpour over your head.


It never stops, it never ends

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Everyday, the little fairy will follow

And bring its fairy friends to watch that stupid show

Where you have too much water to grow.


You throw up a rainbow

And pass out under a cloudy sky

Waiting for the rainfall on the day that will follow.


A tidal wave.


Too much,

There’s too much juice in your brain

Too much air in your lungs

Too many seeds that grow in vain.


You don’t see it

Nobody does

Everyone thinks you can control it.


You now lost yourself in this wonderful haven

But the window has broken.

Where does this story go?

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

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