Elans contradictoires (A matter of importance Part II)

From “The colour of wheatfields”

I. They go hand in hand


Precious liquor of life providing peace and lingering pleasure.

On an open wound, alleviates a pain, often oozes in an atypical texture.

Inside your vulnerable heart, it infuses vigor and strength, it ignites, voracious fire.

No end, not even any side effects, nice enslavement to a natural elixir you desire.

II. The other shade


Plot twist.


Go back to the matter of importance

Go back to the previous stories and their apparent innocence.


In some verses you can hear the snake

As it watches over their head

Ready to bring them to a grim fate.


This sinister sound that soon will saturate your soul

That’s been concealed in the lines, slithering in the sand, hiding in its hole.


Go back to these stories, maybe you’ll notice the threat

Because it is also living in the desert

That is not such an empty place

The other green shade in this land

Seeking to break the connection between the little prince and the flower.

To bring silence.

To make the prince fret.

To put the rose at stake.


So she’s not alone after all

So this story is not perfect

But it remains special.


Now read the stories again.

Can you hear it?

I bet you can.

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