It could have been a heartbeat ago

When they last looked up at the same moon.

But time can also be counted with tides or cries

Daily sunsets or the blinks of their eyes.

Sometimes can be never and someday could be soon.

Time stopped when the prince came back from his journey

Back to his planet, back to his flower

Where the moss on the ground still had his footprint from where he flew

On her petals still dripped the tears from that cold morning dew

But it felt life forever

Since they could look at the stars at the same time

Without wondering in which one the other slumbers.

And now they can.

Now they can touch and smell and taste one another

Fill the irregular texture of their bare skin

And now they can count time with the rythmth of their breath

Warm whispers that melts the icy tears dripping from their chin.

The silence has filled space

For a time that feels pleasantly longer

Than the tides and sunsets spent lookimg for each other

As they were torn asunder.

Suddenly everything stops

Things start making sense once more

And they can show their true colour.

Leur couleur, leur odeur

Particules qui tirent de leur sommeil l’espace d’un instant

Leurs sens emportant

A la dérive le prince et sa fleur

Comme ces cours d’eau

Qui serpentent sous leur peau

Mais au loin, invisible, inaudible, cette figure qui attend,

Inodore, incolore, assoiffée de sang,

Trépidente d’impatience,

Qu’il se pique le doigt sur sa rose,

Afin de saisir sa chance.

But the prince doesn’t need

The rose to bleed.

Now that he’s back, awaken

Time flows again, and so does his blood as his chest moves once more

But he still has scars that are open

Oozing on the shore

Near a sea full of foul souls

And now the wind blows wild

Cold or warm

It stabs every inch of their being

A hooded figure walking.

Reunited in this chaos still prospering

Damaged soil

Seeds thrown on the fields will be growing

In an instant, the time has passed

They’re back together but he has past

Reunited with love, reunited with more

He’s back and she’s coming.

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