They walk away

She cast a curse.
The prince ran all the way across the city
To a dimly lit park

Where he fell down
Whilst murmuring the lyrics of his final song
Now here comes the encore.

A flower that could only watch him break apart
Stuck in the ground
Through which
Giant thorns rose
Building walls
The dryness conquering the land.

She fought hard to bring the light
To alleviate a pain that she, unbeknownst to her
was responsible for
Even though she did her best to cover her spines with her delicate petals

A tree has gone to sleep
Tired of fighting a blight endlessly growing
While it wasn’t worth it
Turned gray, a last blast to end its dying.

Big cries and screams at night
Nightmares playing a game of chess
Check mate
Walls like a fortress
With no window this time
No trivial story
No story at all.

The little prince
Grew a bitter taste
Started once again to give in
And flew from the land
Leaving it to the witch
He gave up on finding his path
Crawled back in his shell, afraid of the night.

Like a child
Safe in his loneliness.
Now here is darkness
Demons from the past.
The street lights start flickering
Trivial stories gone to the wild
Eyelids tickling one another and dying whispers in the wind
The tides hit hard on the shore
But no sound comes out anymore
The rain pours on the floor
Making skewers overflow
With all the shit thrown over the bridge
Like baobabs finally blossoming
Now too large to uproot.
Brownish fruit, that smelled like hot chocolate
The beverage of a traumatized child

Now the city is filled with rainbow colored pukes
The bones of the antagonistic mother
Stones that remember
The time when there was no love and uncertainty
As the prince drifts apart on his shell
Floating under the red moon
On the murky water
The same one running from the shower
Scales moving on the cold metal of pipes
A killer
She’s now alone and the world feels better
For her
Now that happiness once again had to surrender.


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