This one is bright

From “The shade of old spectacles”

Fresh paint on the walls

Sometimes still gives a way for the colours underneath

To be hit by sunlight.


Once upon a time, a child with none of those walls

Had to pile up pieces of himself

To make a shell.

Leaving a tiny window whose glass polarized reality in a way

That it didn’t cause pain.


Lenses to make sense of the chaos out there.

They bend the beams of light

Kiss your cortex and hug your soul

Spells, illusions, rear-view mirrors that makes threats appear further away than they truly are

And they seemed far in the past

But they’re playing with you right now.

Still haunting your head.

Slithering behind and yet so close to you.

Witch, a childhood friend

The mask we made out of hay and strings of worn out jeans

Stitched together

To fight the battles that we never could

The one who can deal with the green scales coming at us.

She is part of us

She is the filter we needed to look at things on the bright side

The gloves we needed to handle fire

But now we want to touch someone’s soft skin

The fresh grass and the crops of the wheatfields

With our bare hands

She is us.


And now you must ask yourself what really matters?

The flower is not like the dependant and toxic mother

But we fight to make it that way

The landscape is not the dried desert that it used to be

But we can’t help seeing it that way

The tree is not doomed to be dead forever

But we are used to things being that way

The snakes are not as venoumous as they seem

But we secretely wish they were that way.


That is the witch within us

Who protected us in this dry land

Who gave us water

Put a hand on our eyes blinding us from the threat

Of the many reptiles all around

Serpents, the hardships of life

Abuse, addiction, anxiety

Pain and death

But it is time to open our eyes.

It is time to heal.

It is time to give some rest to the wicked

Make peace with the witch.

The witch, our childhood friend

We don’t have to make her our enemy

We have to understand her

Kiss her on the cheek and say goodbye.

It is time to heal.

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