[nightwood [chorus]]

[a campfire on a cold winter day

the hard unyielding log on which you sit

it is organic and there is something soft

about the discomfort of it

a connection with nature

the snow melts where my hot tea cup lays

it’s tempting

but if i put my hand inside the fire i’ll scream

we just dance around it in circle

in the flames blue and yellow never mix

they tickle each other.

i kind of want to harden your skin with icy cold water

but even the heat gives us goosebumps

even if i’m hot and sweaty

i’m shivering

i want to be closer to the fire

i kind of want to burn my outer layer

i want to rub myself against the tree

i want you to melt like snow around my cup of tea

cool me down

or with the temperature shock, crack my shell

and let the beverage spill

my essence dripping

wash your impure desires with it

wash your repressed intentions

wash away the small talk and the distractions

clean the stains left by social ruling and codes of conducts

clean it with the temptation leaking from my skin

clean the dirt with our dirty sin

with the pouring of my soul

i want you to taste me with caution

so you don’t burn your tongue

but i can still leave a stinging sensation,

in your mouth.

like shelter in winter

like melted candy on my finger

i want to put another log into the fire

so this contrasting night lasts forever

so i can keep bedding myself into the snow

close my eyelids, and blood red shades

dancing through my skin

giving in.







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