//selling zines//

Hey there!

I have a couple of published works that I am selling both as PDF versions and as paper versions. You pay what you can, suggested amount is $8 CAD.

Please follow the instructions if you want to purchase one of the collections as PDF:

1: send an email to eschalmis@gmail.com (this is my email address) indicating the title of the collection you would like to purchase.

2: you will receive a response with the collection as well as Paypal link to which you can transfer the desired amount.

Please follow the instructions below if you want to purchase one of the collection as a physical copy:

1: Go to my etsy : https://etsy.me/2HHg8FQ

2: You can make the purchase online with your credit card.

3: Zine will be sent by post

here are the collections:


This collection is trial against oneself in order to understand the origin of dysfunctional patterns and mental health issues. It explores childhood trauma and substance abuse as well as grief and the process of healing when confronted to today’s society.


Haze is an experimental compilation of poems and tales of love, sex, pain and abuse, all in a disorganized fashion the way haze is impossible to grasp. Mixing genres and themes ranging from comedy to death, and exploring the diverse and contradictory emotions and life experiences that all go against each other.

the colour of wheat fields/the shade of old spectacles (double feature)

This anthology consists of two collections mirroring each other and inspired by the book The Little Prince, from french author Antoine de Saint Exupéry. The colour of wheatfields is about being away and reflecting on relationships and dying friendships and having difficulties receiving love. The shade of old spectacles serves as an illustration for how mental health is a key factor in this inability to be with people and draw the road towards healing and going back home.

a fairy’s swansong

This collection is about spiritual death and coming to an end with unwanted patterns and trying to be born a new. It is divided into 3 acts towards an inevitable demise. From depression, to excess and finally to self-awareness and the understanding that there can’t be any more growth from there on and that the only way to move on is to arise anew.

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