A Fairy’s Swansong (Part 3)

I. Say hello to the swan again By the current still being carried away The burning tree did not just lose a leaf It fell into the lake. Now can you feel the waves? Water is just a mirror Image invisible amid its infinite wrinkles in the river Absorbing the beam of a blazing lightContinue reading “A Fairy’s Swansong (Part 3)”

A Fairy’s Swansong (Part 2)

I. A green room.   You’re amazing Always on an adventure to alleviate a pain no longer attacking You’re standing there In a green room with too much air to breathe.   A shiny doorknob that opens to a world you created With friends from a beam of sunlight through your hand And you’re dancingContinue reading “A Fairy’s Swansong (Part 2)”

A Fairy’s Swansong (Part 1)

  I. Like a swan about to sing its song The water is calm Leaves fall down But they, blind and deaf, on the ground Can’t feel the waves.   Just like a swan that thought it was fox Suddenly your fur is wet, and you don’t know what’s beneath your feet.   Murky waters.Continue reading “A Fairy’s Swansong (Part 1)”