//selling zines//

Hey there! I have a couple of published works that I am selling both as PDF versions and as paper versions. You pay what you can, suggested amount is $8 CAD. Please follow the instructions if you want to purchase one of the collections as PDF: 1: send an email to eschalmis@gmail.com (this is myContinue reading “//selling zines//”


[cling cling makes the wine bottle spilling out on the couch harder to hide it so you crouch ouch your knees becomes soft by kneeling you submit you hate it and nobody can even see it why do you even do that no {point tniop pinot} the only thing that makes sense is the opaqueContinue reading “[drinkmorewat4r]”

[سَفِينَةُ الفَضَاء (safinatou al-faďa’)]

[my mother used to say that there was a path i could follow beat the dirt, the violence of trying to blend in and make a place for yourself in this world i’d argue, with my youthful innocent mouth that there were wheatfields in which to skim your hand roaming gently planting new seeds inContinue reading “[سَفِينَةُ الفَضَاء (safinatou al-faďa’)]”

[best laid plans]

“nothing we do is completely out of sense. everything tends to be intentional. but we don’t often accept the reality. that our mind is able to conjure up ideas so impure and unconventional.” [what the fuck is love?? is it permission? is it allowing yourself to get stabbed? twisted and tied like a vine bloodContinue reading “[best laid plans]”