[nightwood [encore]]

[we’re in the womb of the same mother Sheltered in the guts of the goddess of pleasure but really I’m just with myself listening to the whispers of my mind feeling them like hot steam of my breath they fade away drooling on my spine i discover nervous connections this is just me now inContinue reading “[nightwood [encore]]”

[best laid plans]

“nothing we do is completely out of sense. everything tends to be intentional. but we don’t often accept the reality. that our mind is able to conjure up ideas so impure and unconventional.” [what the fuck is love?? is it permission? is it allowing yourself to get stabbed? twisted and tied like a vine bloodContinue reading “[best laid plans]”

the shade of old spectacles -the colour of wheatfields II- (full story)

a land of trivial stories   Through a dirty window I see a blurred city Each light and shadow Tells a trivial story. And I, wearing a brown sweater Stains in my shower From when I washed the dirt of my old life, I contemplate outside that window Almost ignoring the reflection Of my silhouetteContinue reading “the shade of old spectacles -the colour of wheatfields II- (full story)”